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Du'a for the deceased at the funeral prayer

Du'a from Sunnah

Du'a for the deceased at the funeral prayer

Dua for the dead 1

O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him and give him strength and pardon him. Be generous to him and cause his entrance to be wide and wash him with water and snow and hail. Cleanse him of his transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give him an abode better than his home, and a family better than his family and a wife better than his wife. Take him into Paradise and protect him from the punishment of the grave [and from the punishment of Hell-fire]. (Muslim 2/663)

Dua for the dead 2

O Allah forgive our living and our dead , those who are with us and those who are absent, our young and our old , our menfolk and our womenfolk. O Allah, whomever you give life from among us give him life in Islam, and whomever you take way from us take him away in Faith . O Allah, do not forbid us their reward and do not send us astray after them.
(Ibn Majah 1/480, Ahmad 2/368)

Dua for the dead 3

O Allah, surely [name the person] is under Your protection, and in the rope of Your security, so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire. You fulfill promises and grant rights, so forgive him and have mercy on him. Surely You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.
(Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud 3/211)

Dua for the dead 4
O Allah, Your male slave and the child of Your female slave is in need of Your Mercy , and You are not in need of his torment . If he was pious then increase his rewards and if he was a transgressor then pardon him.
(Al-Hakim 1/359)


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