Chapter One- The Glorious Qur'an
1   Is the Qur'an a Divine Revelation or is it contrived by man?
2   Was the Qur'an contrived from previous scriptures?
3   Is it true that the Qur'an did not introduce any new precepts and rulings?
4   Did the collection of the Qur'an cast any doubt on the authenticity of its text?
Chapter Two- The Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and Peace be upon him)
1   Was the Prophet Muhammad sent with the Message of Islam to the 'Arabs or to all mankind?
2   What were the reasons for the prophet's marriages?
3   What is the proof of the authenticity of the Traditions of the Prophet?
4   Are there any contradictions in the Saying of the Prophet?
Chapter Three- The Muslim Conquests and the Truth Regarding Muslim War (Jihad) and the Issue of Violence
1   Was Islam spread by the sword?
2   Were the Islamic Conquests a form of colonization?
3   What was Islam's attitude towards the ancient civilizations and was Islam responsible for the burning of the Library of Alexandria?
4   What is the truth regarding Muslim wars (Jihad)?
5   What are Islam's rulings regarding fanaticism and terrorism?
6   Does Islam encourage extremism and violence?
Chapter Four- Islam and Issue concerning the Individual
1   What is the relationship between God and man in Islam?
2   What are Islam's rulings regarding the human mind and intellect?
3   Does the Faith of Islam advocate fatalism?
4   What are Islam's rulings on democracy and human rights?
5   What are Islam's rulings regarding art?
Chapter Five- Islam and Issues concerning the Muslim Woman
1   Is it true that Islam treats the Muslim woman unjustly and deprives her of her rights?
2   Are Muslim woman always dominated by men?
3   Why is a Muslim woman's inheritance less than a man's inheritance?
4   Why is a Muslim woman's testimony in court not considered equal to a man's testimony?
5   Does Islam prohibit Muslim women from holding key position in the state?
6   Does Islam command the Muslim women to wear a veil, and what are Islam's rulings on a woman's right to an education and career?
7   Is the Islamic attire for women unsuitable for modern life?
8   Why does Islam permit polygamy?
9   Is prohibiting a Muslim women from marrying a non Muslim a sign of discrimination between the sexes?
Chapter Six- Issues concerning Freedom of Belief, the Unity of Islamic Nations, and the Backwardness of Some Islamic Nations
1   Is Islam opposed to the freedom of belief?
2   Is the Muslims attitude towards Salman Rushdy a manifestation of Islam's opposition to the freedom of thought?
3   Is the Islamic code of punishment brutal?
4   Why are Muslims disunited despite Islam's call for unity?
5   Is the Faith of Islam responsible for the backwardness of some Muslim nations?
Chapter Seven- Questions about Certain Rulings of Islam
1   Does fasting hinder production?
2   Is it true that alms giving grants wealthy people an advantage over poor people in winning the Grace of God?
3   Why did Islam prohibit eating the flesh of pigs?
4   Why did Islam prohibit men from wearing gold ornaments and silk clothes?