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Introducing Islam
by Suhel Farooq Khan

Concept of Worship in Islam

Islam is the only religion where one can seek the pleasures of God while leading a normal life. Islam rejects monasticism and provides a beautiful and natural balance between the physical and spiritual requirements of mankind.

In Islam, raising a family through lawful means, conducting business honestly, taking care of one’s parents etc. are all acts of worship. Practicing kindness, showing mercy, being considerate to others, having compassion, honesty and sincerity and doing other nice deeds are considered as forms of worship in Islam.

Basically, Islam teaches Muslims to be nice human beings and expects them to contribute positively towards the establishment of a just, kind and caring social system.

Muslims are required to acquire and practice the best of manners following the Commands of God and traditions of the last Messenger of God, Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

There are certain ritualistic prayers that a Muslim has to offer, and all of them are relatively simple and take little time and effort.

Muslims have to offer Prayers (Salah) five times a day, observe Fasts (Sawm) from sunrise to sunset for one month during the month of Ramadan every year, pay Charity to the poor and the needy (Zakah) on their savings or wealth every year, make a pilgrimage to the Ka’bah (Hajj) once in a lifetime by those who can withstand the rigors of the journey and afford the expenses involved.




Introducing Islam

What is Islam?

Who are Muslims?

Who is the God of Muslims?

What is the Qur-an?
Who was Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?
Do Muslims Worship Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?
What are the Tradition of Muhammad (Sunnah)?
The Concept of worship in Islam?
The Five Pillars of Islam
Declaration of Faith
Articles of Faith
Prayers (Salah)
Call for Prayers
Compulsory Charity (Zakah)
Pilgrimage to the Ka'bah (Hajj)
Fasting (Sawm)
The Islamic Calendar
Is Islam Rational
Status of Women in Islam
Polygamy in Islam
Does Islam teach violence?
What is Jihad?
Fundamentalism, Terrorism and Islam
Does Islam tolerate other religions?
Does Islam recognize Jesus?
Things forbidden in Islam
A Simple Test
How to revert back to

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