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Introducing Islam
by Suhel Farooq Khan

Does Islam recognize Jesus?

Yes, believing in Jesus (Peace be upon him) is a part of the fundamental Islamic faith, but Islam does not see him as the son of God because Islam considers God to be beyond humanly relations. Islam recognizes Jesus as one of the great Messengers of God like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Lot, Moses, Solomon, David, Job, Jacob, Muhammad and many others (Peace be upon all of them).

God had sent Jesus some 600 years before Muhammad (Peace be upon them) for the guidance of mankind.

While believing in Jesus as a Messenger of Allah, Islam firmly rejects the irrational doctrine of trinity as Islam clearly differentiates between the Creator and His creations.

Islam believes in the miraculous birth of Jesus (Peace be upon him) to his mother Mary without any male intervention. Surah Maryam, a complete chapter of the Qur-an is named after Mary.
Islam also believes in the God given miracles performed by Jesus.

believe that God saved Jesus (Peace be upon him) from his Jewish tormentors before they could crucify him. Islam also believes that God Almighty did not have to get Jesus killed to save humanity.

Muslims believe that the actual Message of God brought by Jesus (Peace be upon him) was altered, modified and lost, therefore God sent His Message for the last time through Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Muslims give utmost respect to Jesus and use peace be upon him as a suffix to the name of Jesus like all other Messengers of God.



Introducing Islam

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