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Introducing Islam
by Suhel Farooq Khan

Polygamy in Islam

Unlike other religions, Islam rejects the concept of celibacy to seek the pleasure of God. Islam considers marriage as a sacred religious act that is necessary for establishing a responsible, just and stable society. In Islam, marriage is not a vehicle for the fulfillment of physical needs only; instead, it is taken as a foundation for a caring society built upon love and affection.
attaches equal responsibilities, to both partners in marriage.

Islam forbids physical intimacy without marriage. It leads to many social evils prevalent in societies that have marginalized the institution of marriage.

Islam allows men to have more than one wife, only with quite stringent conditions and gives preference to having one wife.

Polygamy is not a requirement or recommendation for Muslim men. Islam allows it only with quite stringent conditions and gives preference to having one wife.

Raising of this issue by the West seems quite hypocritical because a significant majority of their population practices polygamous relationships with a multitude of partners either without or outside marriage, shunning commitments and responsibilities towards them, in most cases.

Also, polygamy was a usual practice throughout the biblical period. Most Messengers of God like, Abraham, David, Solomon and Jacob etc. (Peace be upon them), all had more than one wives.

According to the census of India, Muslims (5.7%) are the last on the list of Polygamous marriages after Tribals (15.7%), Buddhists (7.97%), Jains (6.72%) and Hindus (5.8%).


Introducing Islam

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