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Introducing Islam
by Suhel Farooq Khan

Does Islam tolerate other religions?

The Holy Qur-an commands to respect all other religions and to allow others to continue with their beliefs:

1.   Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to these Mushrikun and Kafirun): "O Al- Kafirun (disbelievers in Allah, in His Oneness, in His angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadr, etc.)!

2.   "I Worship not that which you worship,

3.   "Nor will you worship that which I worship.

4.   "And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping.

5.   "Nor will you worship that which I worship.

6.   "To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islamic Monotheism)."
[Surah (Chapter) Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) Qur-an 109:1-6]

Muslim rulers, whose word of mouth used to be the law, ruled India for almost one thousand years; yet Muslims constitute about 12% of its population. This fact proves that Islam not only tolerates other religions, but also respects them, and allows them to flourish, even when things were under their absolute control.


Introducing Islam

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