>>Sahabah (Companions of Muhammad S)
Sa’ib bin Maz’un R

Sa’ib bin Maz’un R was from Banu (Family of) Jamh branch of Quraysh tribe.

Grandfather of Jamh was Husays bin Ka’b.
Ka’b bin Luw’i, the ancestor of Sa’ib bin Maz’un R was also an ancestor of Muhammad S.

Sa’ib bin Maz’un R and all three (3) of his brothers were among the as-Sabiqin al-Awwalin (Early converts to Islam).
Sa’ib bin Maz’un R had the following three brothers:

1.  ‘Abdullah bin Maz’un R
2. Qadamah bin Maz’un R 
3.  ‘Uthman bin Maz’un R
All of them migrated to Habash (Ethiopia) with many other Muslims, to save themselves from the torture of Quraysh.

They had a sister named Zaynab bint Maz’un R. She was married to ‘Umar bin Khattab R . ‘Umar bin Khattab R became the second Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims.

Zaynab bint Maz’un R had two children:

1.  Hafsah bint ‘Umar R
‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar R

Hafsah bint ‘Umar R later became one of the Ummul Mominin (Mother of the faithful), a title given to the holy wives of Muhammad S.
Their father was Maz’un bin Habib.

The early converts to Islam were tortured by the Quraysh for leaving their age-old religion.
In the year 9BH (Before Hijrah) (613 AD), Muhammad S allowed these early Muslims to migrate out of Makkah.
More than one hundred (100) Muslims migrated to Habash (Ethiopia), at different times in small groups, to save themselves from the torture of Quraysh. The Christian King Najjashi (Negus) of Habash (Ethiopia) welcomed the migrants Muslims.
'Ashrah Mubashshrah
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  Sai'd bin Zayd R
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  'Umar bin Khattab R
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Sa'ib bin Maz'un R
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Habbar bin Sufyan R
'Abdullah (Abu Salamah) R
Nu'aym bin 'Abdullah R
Fras bin Nadr R
Zayd bin Harithah R
Abu Hurayrah R
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