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Fras bin Nadr R

bin Nadr R was from the family of 'Abdud Dar bin Qusayy.

Fras bin Nadr R was one of the as-Sabiqun al-Awwalun (Early converts to Muslims).

His father Nadr bin Harith was an enemy of Islam.

His ancestor Qusayy bin Kilab was the first Quraysh guardian of Ka'bah.

Abd Manaf bin Qusayy, the younger brother of 'Abdud Dar bin Qusayy was an ancestor of Muhammad S.

'Abdud Dar bin Qusayy and Abd Manaf bin Qusayy were descendents of Isma'il A (Ishmael).

Isma'il A (Ishmael) was the elder son of Ibrahim A (Abraham). He helped his father in the construction of Ka'bah.

Both Ibrahim A (Abraham) and Isma'il A (Ishmael) were Rusul (Messengers) of Allah (God).

Nadr bin Harith, father of Fras bin Nadr R was a neighbor of Muhammad S in Makkah.

Allah chose Muhammad S as His last Rasul (Messenger) in the year 14BH (Before Hijrah) (608 AD).

Islam was practiced secretly for its first three years.

In the year 10BH (Before Hijrah) (612 AD), Muhammad S began inviting people to Islam openly. Quraysh did not like it.

Islam challenged their entire system. They felt threatened by the preaching of Muhammad S. They wanted to stop Islam before it could destroy their leadership in Arabia.

They began torturing Muhammad S and Muslims. Many Muslims could not tolerate the persecution and torture by their fellow Quraysh.

Muhammad S permitted them to migrate from Makkah to Habash (Ethiopia). More than one hundred Muslims migrated to Habash (Ethiopia) in small groups over a period of almost two years.

A Christian king Najjashi (Negus) ruled Habash (Ethiopia) at that time. He welcomed the migrant Muslims and allowed them to stay in his country for as long as they wanted.

Fras bin Nadr R also migrated to Habash (Ethiopia).

Muslims of Makkah later migrated to Yathrib (Madinah).

When Muhammad S migrated to that city, its name was changed to Madina-tun Nabi. It meant city of the Messenger.

Later, it became popular by its shorter version Madinah.

Madinah means the city.

Quraysh did not like to see Islam prosper in Madinah. They decided to finish Islam in its infancy. They put together an army and marched towards Madinah. A Muslim army met them, near the well of Badr. Muslims, one third of the numbers of Quraysh, defeated them in the battle of Badr. Muslims and Quraysh fought this battle on the 17th of Ramadan (Ninth month of Islamic calendar) in the year 2H (Hijrah) (623 AD).

Nadr bin Harith, father of Fras bin Nadr R was one of the flag-bearers of the Quraysh army. Muslims defeated the Quraysh decisively. More than seventy Quraysh including many of their chiefs were killed. Muslims also captured an equal number of Quraysh. Fourteen (14) Muslims achieved Shahadah (Martyrdom) in this battle.

Nadr bin Harith was captured in the war. He was later killed at a place called Safra' by 'Ali bin Abu Talib R.

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