An Errand led by ĎAbdullah bin Unais

On the fifth day of the same month Muharram, 4 A.H., it was reported that Khalid bin Sufyan Al-Hudhali was gathering some mob to raid the Muslim positions. ĎAbdullah bin Unais, at the behest of the Prophet [pbuh] set out to destroy the enemies.

The Muslim military leader stayed away for eighteen days during which he successfully fulfilled his task, killed the head of the rebels and brought his head back to Madinah on Saturday, seven days before the end of Muharram. The Prophet [pbuh], as a reward, gave him a stick saying "This will function as a sign of recognition for you and me on the Day of Resurrection." On his death bed, ĎAbdullah requested that the log be with him in his shroud. [Za'd Al-Ma'ad 2/109; Ibn Hisham 2/619, 620]