Returning to Madinah

The Muslim army returned from Tabuk victoriously, undeceived or wronged. That was because All‚h had sufficed them the evils of fight.

On the way back and at a mountain road, twelve hypocrites sought the Prophetís life and that was while he was passing along that mountain road with only Ammar holding the rein of his she-camel and Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman driving it, at the time that people had already gone down into the bottom of the valley.

The hypocrites seized that opportunity to seek the Prophetís life. As the Messenger of All‚h [pbuh] and his two companions were moving along, they heard thrusts of people coming towards him from behind with their faces veiled. Hudhaifa, who was sent by the Prophet to see what was going on, saw them and stroke their mountsí faces with a crook in his hand and All‚h cast fear into their hearts. They fled away and overtook their people.

However, Hudhaifa named them to the Messenger of All‚h [pbuh] and informed him of their intentions. So that was why Hudhaifa was called the "confidant" of the Messenger of All‚h [pbuh]. About this event All‚h, the Exalted says:

"And they resolved that (plot to murder Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]) which they were unable to carry out." [Al-Qur'an 9:74]

When his headquarters, Madinah, began to loom at the horizon, the Prophet [pbuh] said: "This is a cheerful sight. This is Uhud, which is a mountain, we like it and it likes us." When the Madinese learnt of their arrival they set out to meet the army. Women, youths, youngsters and small children went out of town to celebrate their home-return wholeheartedly singing:

"The full moon shone down upon us, through the traits of Al-WadaĎ Mountain.
Thanks is due to us, as long as a supplicator invokes to All‚h.."

The Messenger of All‚h [pbuh] ís march to Tabuk was in Rajab and his return in Ramadan. So we see that this Ghazwah took fifty days, twenty days of which were spent in Tabuk and the others on the way to and fro. Tabuk Invasion was the last one made by the Prophet [pbuh].