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'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy

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'Abd Manaf was the youngest son of Qusayy bin Kilab.

His actual name was Mughira.

Before his death, his father Qusayy bin Kilab gave all the offices of the Ka'bah to his eldest brother 'Abdud Dar bin Qusayy through a will.

'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy used to serve the pilgrims of the Ka’bah very well, although he did not have any responsibility for it. Because of his hard work and devotion to the Ka’bah, he had become very popular in Makkah.  For his hard work, people respected him more than his eldest brother 'Abdud Dar bin Qusayy.

'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy was married to 'Atikah Kubra bint Murrah bin Hilal.

'Atikah and 'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy had three (3) sons and four (4) daughters.

Hashim bin 'Abd Manaf (Great grandfather of Muhammad S)

Al Muttalib bin 'Abd Manaf

'Abd Shams bin 'Abd Manaf

Tumadir bint 'Abd Manaf

Hannah bint 'Abd Manaf

Qilabah bint 'Abd Manaf

Halah bint 'Abd Manaf

'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy had three (3) more sons Nawfal bin 'Abd Manaf, Abu 'Amr bin 'Abd Manaf, Abu ‘Ubayd bin 'Abd Manaf from another wife Waqidah bint Abu 'Adi.

Like their father, sons of 'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy worked hard for the welfare of the pilgrims of the Ka’bah. They also became more popular than their cousins, the sons of their uncle ‘Abdud Dar bin Qusayy.

Like their father, children of 'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy faithfully served the Ka’bah and its pilgrims, although they did not have any official responsibility for it. Hashim, the eldest son of 'Abd Manaf bin Qusayy, decided to ask for a formal and fair share for his family, in the offices of the Ka’bah.

His cousins, the sons of ‘Abdud Dar bin Qusayy refused to share the offices of the Ka’bah with them.

Both sides prepared for a fight.

The elders of Quraysh intervened. They found a solution to the problem. They gave Siqayah (the responsibility for water) and Rifadah (the responsibility for food), the two most important offices of Ka’bah to Hashim bin ‘Abd Manaf.

Hashim bin ‘Abd Manaf and his brothers were already arranging food and water for the pilgrims of the Ka’bah.  Both sides agreed to the decision. This incident began a bitter rivalry between the two families that lasted for generations.

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