>>Islam at a Glance
Islam at a Glance
By Suhel Farooq Khan
The Five Pillars of Islam
1. Declaration of Faith (Shahadah)

An absolute belief in and the declaration of Faith is the first requirement of Islam. Declaration of Faith consists of a simple two part statement:

  1. The first part is La Ilaha Illallah. It means that No one is worthy of worship but God.
  2. The second part is Muhammadur Rasul Allah. It means that Muhammad is (the final) Messenger of God.

This simple statement is the foundation of Islamic faith.

Muslims worship only One God and remain obedient to His Commands. They also faithfully follow the traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last Messenger of God, who explained Godís Commands to mankind.

Sincerely and firmly believing in and declaring the Shahadah is the only requirement for accepting Islam.

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