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Islam at a Glance
By Suhel Farooq Khan
What are the Tradition of Muhammad (Sunnah)?

Unlike other religions, Islam offers a complete code for living and is not merely a combination of a few rituals.

Muslims have only two sources for all Islamic knowledge. Their primary source of guidance is the Qur-an, the last Message of God that He sent to mankind through Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

The traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) provide the secondary source of guidance for Muslims. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) lived his life strictly in accordance with the Commands of God.

Whatever Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did, said or silently approved of, are calledis among the traditions of Muhammad (Sunnah).

Traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) were carefully and faithfully recorded by scores of his companions and preserved for ever. Those meticulously kept records made the life of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) an open book for generations to follow. Following the traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is obligatory upon Muslims. Islam is the only religion where historically correct details from the life of its Messenger are available like an open book.

The guidance of the Qur-an and the traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are extremely logical and easy to follow. Since Islam is the last religion sent by God, its principles are ageless. They are still relevant and are being followed with the same spirit and zeal as they were 1,400 years ago and will remain relevant in ages to come.

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