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Islam at a Glance
By Suhel Farooq Khan
Does Islam teach violence?

No, Islam is the most peaceful religion of the world.
The word Islam is derived from the Arabic root-words Silm and Salam meaning Peace. Islam and Muslims always promote peace.

The typical Muslim greeting Assalmu ĎAlaykum means May peace with you. Its reply Walaykum Assalam means May peace be with you too.

Islam considers violence as one of the worst crimes.
Muslims, the followers of Islam, lead their lives in accordance with the simple, logical and peaceful guidelines laid down by the Qur-an and the traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last Messenger of God. Islam provides a complete code of life covering every aspect of it through these guidelines. There is no room for any irrationality like violence in Islam.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and the early Muslims suffered the worst kind of physical and mental persecution but they never used violence in retaliation. The natives of Makkah forced the Muslims to leave their homes and entire belongings there and migrate to Madinah. Only eight years after their migration, Muslims conquered Makkah without shedding any blood. Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last Messenger of God, pardoned even his worst enemies who had abused, humiliated and tortured him and plotted for his death, for almost 20 years; in an unprecedented show of mercy, compassion and kindness in line with the Islamic tradition of maintaining peace.
It is in sharp contrast to the many developed nations who had indulged in the mass annihilation of innocent native races after invading their lands only for material gains.

Islam allows fighting back in self-defense but prefers those who can forgive their tormentors.

Islam had introduced, defined and practiced human rights 1,400 years before the term was even coined by the West.

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