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Islam at a Glance
By Suhel Farooq Khan
Who was Muhammad?

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was born in the year 570 CE in a respectable Quraysh family of Makkah, a few months after his father ‘Abd Allah died.
His grandfather ‘Abd Al Muttalib, the chief of Makkah and the caretaker of Ka’bah raised him. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) lost his mother when he was barely six years old and his grandfather when he was eight.
He was then raised lovingly by one of his uncles Abu Talib, who had inherited his father ‘Abd Al Muttalib’s responsibilities of the Ka’bah.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was a perfect human being. He was a loving father, a caring husband, a charismatic leader, most able administrator, an expert military general, a unique social reformer, the most wonderful teacher, a caring neighbor, a sincere human being and a very humble person.
All these superlatives and adjectives cannot define the unparalleled qualities of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He was also an extremely honest person and was called Al Amin (The trustworthy). People used to keep their valuables with him for safekeeping.

God chose him as his final Messenger when he was about forty years of age. God had sent the same Message earlier through many Messengers like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses and Jesus (Peace be upon them), to mention a few, to different nations at different times. Those Messages were changed and altered by the followers of those Messengers.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was ridiculed, tortured and hounded for preaching Islam. He was forced to migrate to the city of Madinah some 300 kilometers to the north of Makkah, with his companions. Several attempts were also made on his life.

Islam flourished in Madinah. Muslims conquered Makkah without shedding blood, only eight years after they were forced out of it. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) pardoned all of his enemies including those who had plotted to kill him. Soon after, the entire Arabian Peninsula had embraced Islam.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) went back to live in Madinah, where he died in the year 623 CE (11 Hijrah).
In a short span of 23 years of his Messengership, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had changed the world for ever.

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